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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

its my little world

i live in a small world of my own. A handful of good friends which also includes my family and my dear partner. as far as i could remember, i have always have this little world surrounding me...i'm not good in making friends and even worse in getting attached in a relationship. because of my nature, people tend to take me as an icy cold, ignorant of what going on around me. well, the truth is, i'm just scared of all the people around me, and i prefer staying close of what i believe wont make me shrink.

a small world of my own also includes those cute furry little animals. i used to think that pets are better friends compared to people, because cats dont talk back, they dont make me cry and most importantly, they love me sincerely and i know it. but then, i met some very good people who changed my view of life.

in my little world, i also created some dreams of what and who to be included in my life. my idealistic side normally tells me to live like those in romantic vampire novels while my practical side, tells me to WAKE UP!!but then, itz ok, coz its my little world..my little secret world.

nothing thrills me even more than being able to find someone who can share my views and thoughts..i seldom speak up, because some may take me wrong and say things like i'm being radical. i love sharing ideas, thoughts and even arguments, i simply dont know why it gives me so much satisfaction..maybe because i gain something new in the end...

and finally, i think my little world is better now with a little help from my little firefly...only He knows how i feel lucky to have someone who can help me think straight and most importantly, share my views and thoughts in many aspects; from daily life till philosophy...

i love my little world...
itz little, but itz my little happy world


firda emilyiena said...

it good to have a little happy little world rather than a big miserable world.. hehehe

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