i write from my heart, based on what and how i feel..not to impress others, but to satisfy myself

Saturday, October 31, 2009

rainy day, fresh thoughts

with the day being gloomy and dark, i cant help but feeling so myself..hehe...cant stop my mind from thinking lol....i watched the dripping raindrops, make me wonder, so small, yet so beautiful...many things, so small, yet so beautiful and meaningful...i was gloomy as well, but after a small talk with a few VIPs of my heart, haha, damn i feel a lot better..a small talk, able to do such a big thing (hoho..cheering me up is a big thing lol)
praying for a better tomorrow..so that i can always sit by my window, watch those raindrops and smile..damn, i love this life=)

Thursday, October 29, 2009

wake up::stop talkin and get moving::a reminder to myself

people sometimes doesnt realize that what they do is actually something WRONG, instead they keep on bitching that THIS IS NOT RIGHT, I AM D ONE WHO IS DOING THIS AND THAT and so on...well, if they are the ones doing things, at least you have the right to complain, but how about people who does nothing but talking and masquerading??

people need to think, first of all, bear in mind the very basic thing, I AM NOBODY and nobody other than people who are close to me cares about what i do, everyday. since I AM A NOBODY, when i work with people, I NEED TO BE A SOMEBODY that actually contributes to thing..but how many actually thinks that way??

instead of pointing fingers to others, sit and think deeply of what I'VE DONE and WHAT CAN I DO TO AMEND THINGS THAT I'VE DONE...learn to admit mistakes and learn to grow up...instead of bitching endlessly of people how treats us, think of HOW we TREAT people...why bother of the talks of people of you, when nothing wrong has been done? people have their own things to do, they have their own things to think of....i want to make amends of what i've done before...i've seen people saying things like everyone being a busybody, but how would people know if we dont open it ourselves??i try not to let the world know of what i feel and why am i feeling that way, becoz i am a NOBODY to the WORLD and the WORLD doesnt want to know EVERYTHING about me..some are meant to be kept in mind and in heart...i will try not to do the same mistake again..i'm never gonna give the world a chance to JUDGE me..

i'm listing all the things i've done..i've broken some hearts, i've made a few mistakes in life..if i can turn back time, i'd change everything..but i can't..all that i can do, is not doing the same mistakes again...

i dont know how long i'm gonna stay in this world, but i'm gonna make the best out of it...