i write from my heart, based on what and how i feel..not to impress others, but to satisfy myself

Friday, December 25, 2009


there is a moment, where i feel like everything around me moves so fast, while i'm still there, not changed even a bit..kinda heartbreaking..when looking around, it feels like everything moves so fast, i cant do a damn hell to change who and what i am...it hurts to feel this way, like i'm incapable to adapt myself in this world....
i have to sit n think..what i want, what i will do...think and think and start moving

Friday, December 18, 2009

when boredom attacks

sitting on my bed, doing nothing..tired of tossing and turning..so i decided to write..one whole day of doing nothing really drives me nut..huhu, still me being too lazy to do whatever that could be done..geez....
sitting alone like this, really makes my mind wonder, of how things should have been..how some stuffs could be done, or should have been in different way...one whole month, (oso doing nothing) at home, opens my eyes on few stuffs..mybe itz juz me, since itz from my own point of view...people are quick to judge..mmm, this is not right, this is wrong..dont do this, dont do that..well, as me n my sis, are mixed-masalas, there are some stuffs that (if) we do, will be extremely wrong, but if others do it, itz ok...why should there be this double-standard attitude?points to ponder..not pointing fingers, but itz juz a thing to be thought of...because of that, now, i'll think twice before placing 'titles' o 'labels' onto people..damn hard when it happens to me lol
i was surfing the net, going through my network sites, when i came across a shocking profile..a girl, aged 19, 'offering' herself at the price of 50bucks....i was kinda sad looking at d profile, she's juz 19..could be a bright kid, going on the wrong path...the thing that flashed into my mind was 'how if the girl is my student, o my daughter o someone related to me (God forbid)'..gosh, that gave me goosebumps...pray to God, that no girl will face that situation...we cant afford to sit back and watch destruction..especially when it happens to our kind..i'm not being racist, i'm saying this because i love my kind, my people
reality check, i'm still bored, facing a bowl of megi...waaaa....sux