i write from my heart, based on what and how i feel..not to impress others, but to satisfy myself

Tuesday, June 29, 2010


kadang-kadang, saya cuma mahu dgr kamu cakap saya comel...tapi, kamu slalu ckp saye ngade2..

kadang-kadang, saya mahu dengar kamu beritahu saya, saya penting untuk kamu(walaupun slalunya saya wat tak pedulik je)

tapi, kamu slalu anggap saya memang xpeduli

kadang-kadang, bila saya beritahu yang saya sangat rindu kamu, saya harap sgt kamu *mmuahh* (x2 pn xpe..hahahaha) kat saya

tapi, kamu slalu cakap "ye..saye pn same" (ton xde prasaan)

kadang-kadang, saye suke tanya kamu pasal pompuan mn lg cantik (padehal saya nk kamu ckp die xcantik pn...hahahaha)

tapi kamu slalu xnk jawap (plg xpun kene marah sbb tny soklan bodo)

kadang-kadang, saya xpedulik langsung kat kamu (saya nk kamu tau yg saya tgh tunjuk perasaan)

tapi kamu selalu xamek port pun (penat je wat2 dingin T_T)

kadang-kadang, saya suka wat2 manja dengan kamu

tapi kamu cakap saya gedik (kecik ati T_T)

kadang-kadang, saya marah kamu supaya kamu dgr kata hati saya

tapi kamu marah saya balik, kamu cakap saya membebel (isk isk isk)

kadang-kadang, saya cuba buat baik dengan kamu, sebab kamu penat

tapi, kamu selalu lepas geram pada saya

kadang-kadang, bila saya mahu kamu romantik (lagi-lagi depan member)

tapi, kamu join diorang plak (siap bg idea lebih2 plak T_T)

kadang-kadang, saya nk bercerita panjang dengan kamu

tapi kamu buat xdengar jek (sampai ati kamu T_T)

kadang-kadang, saya menangis malam2 sebab kamu

tapi, kamu xtau..sebab kamu da tidur T_T

kadang-kadang, saya sedih sangat2

tapi, kamu xpernah biar saya menangis sendiri....kamu selalu temankan saya, gembirakan ati saya

kadang-kadang, saya mahu kamu jadi hero idaman saya...

tapi, kamu layankan je...sambil membuktikan kamu itu kamu (dan hero itu fake =_=")

kadang-kadang, kamu buat saya rasa kamu ni orang paling jahat di muka bumi

tapi, dalam hati, saya tau..xde org lain yang lebih risaukan saya berbanding kamu (xtermasuk mak, bapak, kakak, adik, abang dll)

kadang-kadang, kita terfikir apakah perkara terbaik dalam hidup kita
tapi, kita selalu terlepas pandang, apa dan siapa yang ada disamping kita

n thank God, i have u

Thursday, June 24, 2010

itz a gurl moment....

mmmm..girls are always being associated with being jealous, controlling and all sort of negative connotation of feelings. well, we're not!!..what a girl need is the feeling of security and appreciated. a guy can befriend 1200++ other girls , as long as the guy is honest about it, and at the same time pays a bit of attention of the manner of the friendship itself...simple..a girl freaks out if she feels like someone gonna snatch her man off its a mutual thing..you give and you take, and you share....a girl would wait, if she thinks that the guy is worth waiting for...
before blaming the girls, think of the "WHAT", "WHY" and "HOW". you know your partner a lot better than anyone else.
stop saying stupid things like;

i) we were friends for 85years, then only we became couples - this is a total bullshit because a friend is always so damn different when you're attached

ii)hey, it was a joke...xpyhla nk merajuk2 - excuse me, kl stakat bergurau, mn ade manusia nk merajuk???

iii) isshh..asek merajuk..saya BOSAN!! - ye, saye pn BOSAN dgn awak....

i could enlist a lot more, but these are some of the examples...

its a mutual trust, of giving and receiving..guys should learn to accept girls' hunch, coz sometimes it is true...respect partners, equally

still, when people say females are sensitive over males, well, i totally DISAGREE coz in earth, BITCHES do exist..

p/s: i personally despise school flunks (girls of course) who act like they are some kind of perfect porcelain beauty queens..u make me wanna puke

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

so many girlz stuff...LOL

i feel like i havent been updating my blog for centuries!!
so many things happened, and many of them are SOOOO interesting (for me la kan) hehehehe...

nearly two months at home, i have decided to keep my hair(i heard that!!)..hahaha...itz a request made by someone really special, hence, i decided to give it a try...huuu...dunno for how long i can keep it up...talking bout hair, i found out that by applying henna to ur hair, ur hair becomes fuller and softer, a lot better than applying a whole bunch of hair cream...hair masks also do the job well..(since i'm too lazy to do the henna stuff, i opt for the latter ;p)

mmm...age never goes down...demmit...i feel like i'm getting old, and i browsed through some of my dad's book collection and found out a great fact...TOOTHPASTE CAN BE USED AS ZIT CREAM, and guess what, IT WORKS! in two days time, the zit will *poof*..NO MORE ZITS..hehehe

i have so many things to add..hee, next session, here i come XD