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Thursday, November 11, 2010

those micro cuts deep inside

how does it feels when your everything is not good enough?reality check, it hurts...thoughts will come running, one after another..and when everything is not good enough to make up for the unpleasant past, there will be a point where you doubt, almost everything related, even the very beginning of it.

the thoughts and the doubts that arise, they are ugly, they really are..makes you glance to your past, thinking of all the decisions made, all the words said, all the promises made and kept (and broken) and it vexes you so much that inside you grow numb. trying to ignore the thing gnawing inside, it is not that you are being ignorant, but you care so much that it causes you less pain when you ignore the fact that you were never good enough.

sometimes, love is just not enough...and sometimes, love is the reason that you suppress everything deep inside, though you know the truth..bak kate pepatah, love the way you lie (cewahh..sejak bile plak ade pepatah baru ni dlm DBP pny kamus)...all those little lie said to protect the heart, actually hurts the most when you know the truth, a lie

after all, everything in life is perfectly imperfect :)


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